My Kittens

We have not kittens !

Zuleyka of Teutta*PL
Pampurred Khalfani
BRI a niebieska
BRI a niebieski



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The purchase of a cat, like every living being, should be carefully considered, as it is a decission of taking responsibility, an obligation for over a dozen years.

Please consider, weather you are ably to ensure a good, peaceful life for a kitten.

It is a good idea to check before making decission about purchase, weather noone at home has an allergy. ??

My kittens are ready to move to their new homes when they are at least 13 weeks old.

They are vaccinated twice, dewormed and they are taught how to use the litter box and the cat scratcher.

Every kitten has his pedigree.

We mate our cats in considered way, so our kittens remain a good example of British Shorthair Cat. Parents of our kittens are from the best european lines.

Since their birth, they are in contact with humans. We care about them and try to show them how to live with adults and kids.

Our British Shorthair kittens know every sound from normal day' life.
They are not afraid of a hoover, music or a loud conversation. They remain in a permanent touch with us.


I do not sell my kittens through the Internet. It is only an auxiliary form.

You can buy a kitten from me if you visit our cattery personally.

A kitten is 'reserved' after making an advanced payment on the given account.

After choosing 'this one' I insist, as long as it's possible, that you visit the kitten in our cattery a few times. In case it is not possible, I will send you pictures of your chosen kitten with informations about its growth and behaviour, every few days.

Every kitten receives health booklet, pedigree, layette and his favourite toys.

We also make a detailed contract beetwen us and purchaser. A pet-class kitten must be neutered within a time specified in the contract.

A Purchaser is given detailed instruction about feeding and care.

We stay in touch with every new owner of a kitten and I will always, willingly answer every question. It also would be nice of you to send me pictures and informations about a kitten from my cattery.